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Roku issues

Most Common Roku Issues & Problems

Roku is a streaming player that streams videos, TV shows, movies from many online streaming services after connecting with your TV. Roku device works with the help of internet signals and electric power, which is why it faces many kinds of issues & problems associated with it as well. Today, we will talk about those Roku issues and problems, and we will try to help you find the issues of your Roku streaming device and Troubleshoot them.
Generally, users face connectivity and setup related problems while using their Roku devices. That is why we have mentioned the most common problems before you below.

  • Roku wi-fi problemsThe poor audio & video quality, along with the slow Roku functionality while responding to your commands, all are signs of Roku wifi issues. If you are getting a “Not connected” message on your Roku’s home screen’s top right. Then, you are having the wi-fi related issues on your Roku.
  1. Go to the Settings >> “Network” tab to check the wi-fi signals and strength of your wifi network and improve it if it gives you ” poor” status. Do nothing if your wifi signal status shows you the “excellent, good or fair” status.
  2. Locate your Roku near your wifi router for better connectivity.
  3. Check your TV’s HDMI slot, use a different HDMI slot or HDMI cable if your Roku is not correctly connecting with the TV.
  4. Ensure that you have entered the correct password of your wifi network while connecting your Roku with the internet.
  5. If you see an error code 009 on your Roku even after connecting it with the wifi internet, restart your Roku and connect it again with your wifi network. It will start to work again.
  6. Restart your Router and modem and connect your Roku with them to troubleshoot this problem.
  • Roku no Sound: If you face problems like no audio, distorted audio, audio dropping, etc., on your Roku. Then, there are only two reasons responsible for it—first, cables and hardware related issues. Second, software settings problems. 

Please turn off your Roku and other devices connected with it. Wait for atleast 10-15 seconds and turn it on again. This will sort out the problem of no sound or distorted sound on your Roku device in most of the cases.

  1. Ensure that your Roku and all components, connected devices are working and powered on.
  2. Check for your Roku’s mute mode; if it’s on, turn it off.
  3. Volume up and down your Roku and TV to see if the sound or volume is changing.
  4. Make sure you have connected your Roku to the correct audio/ video port, HDMI slot.
  • Roku Video Issues: If you see buffering or video quality problems while streaming your favorite content on your TV. Then your wifi internet is responsible for this degraded picture quality and streaming of content. Roku requires 3.0 Mbps internet speed for streaming SD( Standard Definition ) content, 9.0 Mbps internet speed for streaming HD ( high definition ) content & 25 Mbps speed for showing 4k HDR content on your TV. 

For Solving The video quality and streaming related issues, you have to check the internet speed and bandwidth of your network. You will need to see which content requires how much internet speed for its online streaming. Selecting a lower bitrate for your video from the ” Settings” option manually can also help you.

Adjusting The Bitrate for best Video streaming on Roku

  1. Press the “Home” button five times on your Roku remote.
  2. Tap on the “Reverse Scan” button thrice.
  3. Now, Press the “Forward scan” button twice.
  4. Go To The “bitrate override” option and choose the ” manual” option.
  5. Choose the bitrate, which is lower than the current bitrate.
  • Roku HDMI & Black screen Issues: When we attach or connect multiple devices with the HDMI slot behind our TV. Many other kinds of problems and issues start to rise—for example, Roku black screen, Roku flashing screen, no video, audio, etc.

To Troubleshoot the Roku HDMI and Roku Black or to flash screen issues, turn off your router, modem, Roku, remove all the connections & wait for at least 15-20 seconds, clean the dust from wires, and cables and connect them back together to restart them.

  • Roku HDCP error: HDCP error means ( High-bandwidth digital content bandwidth protection ). This means a digital right management system installed in Roku stops users from copying and piracy of digital content available on it. But whenever this DRM system suspects the TV device which does not support the same content protection technology. Then, it starts to show Roku users an HDCP error screen.
  1. Remove The HDMI cable from both ends ( Roku & TV ).
  2. Switch off your TV and Roku device and Remove the power cables as well.
  3. Connect the HDMI cable and power cords back again with your Roku and TV.
  4. Switch on the Roku and TV after connecting all the cables.

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How To Restart a Roku to solve the Roku issues?

Generally, Roku users don’t use the restart option very often. But sometimes, When several kinds of issues like Audio and video problems arise. Then, Users are required to restart their Roku to solve these issues.

Restart Your Roku

  1. Get your Roku remote and press the home button.
  2. Choose the ” Settings” menu.
  3. Choose “System”
  4. Select the ” System restart” option.
  5. Select the ” Restart” option from your Roku remote by pressing its ” Right arrow” button.

How To Factory Reset a Roku after issues?

If you face problems on your Roku and get no solution to your problems even after doing everything. In that case, you can factory reset your Roku. But, always keep in mind that the factory reset will remove all your selected Roku channels, network preferences, etc. From your Roku, and you will have to set it up again like a new one. In the end, the Reset option will solve all problems and issues of your Roku. We will suggest you use this option when nothing else works.

  1. Get your Remote and press the “home” button on it.
  2. Go to the ” Settings” menu.
  3. Choose the ” System” option.
  4. Select the “Advanced system settings” option.
  5. Choose the ” Factory reset” option.
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to “factory reset” your Roku.

How To Update The Software Version of Roku?

  1. Press the home button on your Roku remote.
  2. Open the “Settings” menu.
  3. Go to the “Systems” option.
  4. Press the ” System update” option.
  5. You will now see the latest software version along with its build and date, the time when it’s downloaded on your Roku.
  6. Press the ” Check now” option to let your Roku check for available Roku software version updates.
  7.  If any latest update is available, Then the software version update will start automatically

Why my Roku keeps Freezing and rebooting?

There is not one, but many factors are responsible for freezing and rebooting issues on your Roku streaming device. See the issues and fixes below.

  • Roku freezingHeadphones connected with the remote: Sometimes, Roku devices start to freeze and keep on rebooting just because of the headphones connected with your Roku remote.
    1. Update your Roku streaming device first.
    2. Take the power cable out from the power source and remove the headphones from the Roku remote.
    3. Take the inserted batteries out of your Roku remote and wait for at least 20 seconds before inserting them back.
    4. Now boot up your Roku again and check for the latest updates.
  • Inspect The Recent Changes made: Check for the apps and channels you have just added and installed on your Roku just before facing the Roku freezing and rebooting issues. Some Roku apps and channels can interfere in the whole functioning of your Roku. We would suggest you remove and undo those apps and channels you had just added before the problems and issues occurred.
  • Disable the Nintendo switch from Roku: You will only face the Roku rebooting and freezing issues from the end of the Nintendo Switch when you play the pokemon sword & shield game.
  1. Update and unplug your Roku streaming device.
  2. Disable the nintendo switch by putting it on the airplane mode.
  3. Reboot your Roku and check it for updates.
  • Wi-Fi Issues: Ensure that your network is working well and providing you the good internet speed and bandwidth signals.
  • HDMI cable issue: Inspect the HDMI cable and HDMI slot of your Roku for Roku and your TV and check them if they have any fault.
  • Reset: Reset your Roku to the factory defaults when nothing works for you to solve this issue.

Why is Youtube not working on my Roku?

If you don’t have an updated youtube app or TV firmware. Then, the “Youtube not working” issue will undoubtedly arise when you try to watch videos on your Roku through the Youtube app. Download the latest version of youtube to get the youtube app working on your Roku device.

What to do when youtube is not working?

Roku youtube problems

  • Go to the Roku home screen.
  • Search for the ” Youtube” channel on your Roku screen.
  • Press down the “Star” button after selecting the youtube.
  • Now choose the ” Remove the channel” option from the screen.
  • You will now see the ” Are you sure you want to remove the free channel” option there, Press the “Remove” button.
  • Removing a free channel screen will start to flash on your TV screen.
  • Now update the software version of your Roku and restart it again after 15-20 seconds.
  • Once your Roku is fully restarted, go to the home screen.
  • Select the “streaming channels” option.
  • Choose the ” Most popular” option, and you will see the youtube icon next to it.
  • Select “youtube” and press the ” Add channel” option.
  • Press the ” Ok button
  • Go to the home screen of Roku and click on the ” Youtube” icon.
  • Enjoy Youtube on your TV now.

We are sure that this will fix all kinds of problems you face while streaming youtube on your Roku. You should have at least a 9 Mbps speed wifi network to enjoy HD videos on your Roku through the youtube channel.

Issues Behind Roku not working with Netflix?

If you want to watch, enjoy movies and your favorite video content from Netflix on your Roku. Then, you can do that by simply opting for a Netflix subscription and adding the Netflix channel into your Roku account, and signing into it. But, sometimes, Netflix does not work with Roku devices due to a few reasons.

  • Network issues: Whenever your Roku is not working with NetFlix, you have to check it for the network settings and status.

Solution: Go to the home screen of your Roku, slide down, and tap upon the ” Settings menu.” Open the network settings and check the network connection status there. If it’s working fine and connected, Netflix is still not working with your Roku. Then, switch your connected internet network from a wireless network to a wired network.

  • CNetflix not working on Rokuheck your Roku for system and app updates: Many functions and channel apps. Recent additions of channels will not work with Roku if you don’t update your Roku frequently.  

Solution: Regularly update your Roku and its channels to enjoy the new features and changes. You can update it by going to the ” home screen” >> Settings. Slide down to the “System” and tap on the ” Software update” option. Click on the ” check now” option and update your Roku if any Roku system or Netflix app update is available.

  • Netflix Account and its validity: Check for your Netflix account’s validity and its subscription plan.

Solution: Check for the validity of your Netflix account and its subscription. You can also check if someone else is using your Netflix account and, if so, upgrade it. Ensure that you have entered accurate credit card details while subscribing to Netflix and have renewed Netflix subscription so that you could use it without any interruptions in the future.

  • Install Netflix App again: If none of the troubleshooting steps are getting Netflix to work on your Roku. Then, re-install the Netflix app on your Roku.

Solution: Remove the Netflix app from your Roku to delete all its related data and download it again and sign in with your Netflix account. Finally, It will get Netflix working on your Roku again and fix all app-related issues on your Roku.

 What to do if my Roku is not working with Amazon Prime?

Trying a few things can make your Amazon prime work with your Roku.

  • Remove the “Amazon prime” channel by going to the home screen, selecting the “amazon prime” and removing the channel after pressing the “star” button from your Roku remote after selecting the channel itself. Re-installing the Amazon prime again and adding it on your Roku by going to “Home” >> streaming channels>> prime video >> OK >> Add channel options.
  • Check for the internet network and its wifi issues and resolve them after rectifying the issues or restarting your Roku.
  • Therefore, Go to the amazon prime app settings on your smartphone, click on the storage >> clear cache >> clear data, and press the ” Yes” option to clear all the old “cache & data” to make it work on your Roku streaming device.